Visitors from Volgograd

A group from a baptist church in Volgograd (Russia) is now visiting “Sion” at Moi. Monday they came to Lund Rådhus together with Emanuel Siraj and Natalie (interpreter). The leader of the group was Alexei Rudenky who is the senior pastor of the Volgograd congregation. He was born in Ukraine and has built up 53 congregations in Volgograd since 1991. The biggest one has 1500 members.

Alexei Rudenky and Kjell Erfjord

At Lund Rådhus they met the mayor Kjell Erfjord and the headman Svein Tore Åtland. We told them about the political and administrative system of Lund municipality and also showed them pictures from “Beautiful Lund”.

During their one week stay in Norway they have visited the Stavanger region, Flekkefjord and Jøssingfjord. Before they came to Lund Rådhus on Monday they had also visited NorDan and Lund Sykeheim (home for old people).

21 st. of May, Svein Tore Åtland